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Design Patio Residence Architecture by Corben Architects

patio residence design
The idea is very smart, modern house in Australia with shear walls designed by Corben Architect. Australian architect are using the concept of open house that allows the can to accommodate many people. To realize this idea, the architects used glass wall like windows can be opened and closed by the system is shifted, so that the room was spacious, one with patio, without any barriers between the indoors with outdoors. When there are events that involve many people such as birthday parties or weddings, this wall of glass opens to a spacious room. Natural shades more so with the presence of natural elements like wood and stone as an element of home interior.


Pool House Design With Retro Aesthetics in Santa Monica

pool house design
This time we will present pool house design with retro aesthetics in Santa Monica, California. Find houses with beautiful swimming pool in droves, but there will be many in this bucolic idyll air between a way that takes us back in time, while some rise ostentatious mansions, some of them of doubtful taste.

Modern Luxurious Living Room Design by Jeff Heron

Jeff Heron has a degree in commercial photography at the University of Detroit, MI really like and show their passion for architecture and design that is reflected in his collection of artistic photographs. These images show in the portfolio is something to marvel about. They are impeccably amazing and just above and beyond our imagination.

Design Prestigious Waterfront Homes from Allegra House

Shiny luxury for Allegra
The prestigious waterfront homes from Allegra House, show off your new shiny luxury boat. This magnificent full concrete contemporary futuristic home, with luxurious contemporary living, family home spans 11,151 square foot on a 9,784 square foot block and boasts four generous bedrooms each with its own private ensuite. Allegra House located in Sovereign Islands, within the suburb of Paradise Point on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia designed by TCL Homes in collaboration with Think Design Studio and built by Michael Easton Construction.

Albatross Modern Australian Residence by Bayden Doddard Design Architects

Albatross Residence
This majestic home in Australia which is from Bayden Goddard Design Architects (BGD Architects) is located in Queensland, Australia. The house is currently dubbed as the Albatross Residence, and the name of this house is from a bird name called the albatross which is often found in Australia.

Exterior House Designs Queens Park Residence by CplusC Architects Australia

Autralian Wooden House
raft Queens Park Residence was designed by custom home architects Australia CplusC Architect and Builder. CplusC Architect uses the concept of “good wood Australia”. The residence is located in Sydney, Australia. This house is very luxurious with all its main ingredient is a good wood Australia. This design is specially designed to serve for a certain life and entertain their lifestyles. In the kitchen and dining room connected through a big operating doors to private outdoor spaces that integrate the swimming pool and outdoor living, very strategic, comfortable, and not boring.

Design Amazing Red And White Home Decor

beautiful decor livingroom
Here is a place where beauty meets elegance. This amazing red and white home décor looks absolutely stunning, has a vibrant and glamorous appeal to it. The living room is decorated with red lounge and matching red rug. Right opposite the living room is an open kitchen. The same color combination prevails in the kitchen too. The red cabinets and white walls, this small kitchen makes the interiors even more interesting. Lighting plays a very important role in this amazing home. Focusing on the beauty of the home and enhancing it greatly. The wooden flooring creates a wonderful appeal to the bright interiors of this home.

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