Home Improvement and Interior Design

bright modern pool1
The color blue is incorporated with sadness like when a woman is blue, but this pool house design means the opposite. The contemporary pool house comes so easy to the eyes because of its color and amazing design. It brings enough space and fresh air with its perfect design from every corner. Architect Antonio Sofan conceptualized this house design from the inspiration of the color of the water. Outside the house is an oasis that invites you with its cool aqua color. The ambiance is so hard to resist that you can’t help, but go outside and indulge in the lovable surroundings. The house that can be found in Monteria, Colombia, hails with a very attractive exterior design. It’s white-painted facade that reflects with the blue color of the pool water outside adds interest to its noticing appearance. You can never help, but take a second and a longer look with this kind of house design.

comfortable modern pool2
contemporary pool houses2
modern kitchen of pool
modern pool house


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